Functional Programming Principles in Scala

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Functional Programming Principles in Scala
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What you will learn

Learn about functional programming, and how it can be effectively combined with object-oriented programming. Gain practice in writing clean functional code, using the Scala programming language.

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Reviews for Functional Programming Principles in Scala at Coursera

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"A must-take if you want to play in the OO *and* FP worlds." by metasim
Better than any "in situ" university class I've ever taken. In addition to being a genius language designer, Odersky is an excellent teacher, and the materials are top notch. Assignments are well structured, and the automated grading system is extremely well tuned. Even if you don't think you care about FP, you should still consider this course as it will open up new ways of thinking about programming, and enlighten you as to what a modern programming language can really do to make your more effective.
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"Challenging intro to scala and functional programming" by miguel-sosa
Very interesting and challenging introduction to functional programming with Scala. It was quite time consuming for me since I did not know functional programming nor scala, although I've read that it is not such a difficult class if you already have the FP concepts down. Once the FP concepts "click" you have a incredible *AHA!* moment that will change the way you program in the future, even in non functional languages. The problem sets could be explained a bit better, in my opinion. I had a hard time understanding some of the problems and would not have been able ...
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1"Functional programming magic" by ruslan-bes
Functional programming magic — It's when your program solves the Bloxorz game on an endless field and you don't quite understand how did it managed to do it ;)
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1"Disappointing intro to functional languages" by michael-holroyd
I took this course hoping it would be an introduction to the benefits of Scala and functional programming in general, but was disappointed. The focus is much more on general CS101 principals, and involves suffering through difficult functional to solutions to many problems that are trivial in an imperative language (C, Java, Python, etc). I quit after spending many hours completing the "anagrams" problem set, and realizing I had learnt nothing useful in the process except the Scala syntax. On the pro side, Martin is clearly the expert on the Scala language and has no trouble explaining some of its ...
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"Not just Scala, but functional programming" by ashwin91
Prior experience in the field: Tried to learn haskell. Didn't do too well. Like: There were no pointless quizzes, only programming assignments. The programming assignments were very interesting and challenging [the discussion forums helped]. The lectures had assignments in them, with solutions (so that you can see Martin Odersky's approach). Being taught by the inventor of the language meant the language was concisely yet (almost) completely covered. Functional programming is a very exciting paradigm. There was a "cheat sheet" and an "Assignment feedback" section that helped underline and rectify some common errors in students' code. The programming assignment checker was very thorough. The course was very well rounded - ...
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"Great introduction to Scala/Funtional programming" by kappa16
This course was a great overview of the basics of both Scala and functional programming. The concepts were very well explained and demonstrated by Odersky. Odersky really is a great teacher and goes into good detail on all the concepts introduced. I was already familiar with the majority of these concepts from my Computer Science classes in college so they were mainly a refresher for me. The projects require proper functional style and are good complements to reinforcing the material from the lecture. None of the projects took a substantial amount of time to complete with the longest taking 3 ...
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"Excellent course for an excellent language" by ehrann-mehdan
First, Martin seems a very talented instructor, regardless of the fact he created the language, he explains well, has very well built lecture structure, VERY good assignments that are closely related to what was taught on the videos. He gives the basic principles of Scala as well as FP, and can be interesting for both experienced and new developers. As a Java developer with more than 10 years of experience, this was a great intro to Scala, and the FP principles for me were an added value. If someone expected to learn pure FP, this course might have been a ...
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"great hands on programming" by nyjeanne
I haven't used any functional programming since college. Having a course taught by the creator of Scala was definitely a draw. The lectures were clear. A good mix of quizzes (think about how you would approach this, what do you think would happen here) and explanation. I like that the homeworks used Scala's junit extensions and sbt (build tool.) Good practices and automation. It also provided a nice way to test the code. The homeworks varied a lot in difficultly. In particular, homework 6 was a lot harder than homework 5. Yet #5 had an extra week to work on it. There were good ...
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"Good FP lectures for an intermediate programmer" by kakaner
I started this course with a couple months of Scala experience, so was already familiar with the syntax, overall concepts, and a fair number of functional programming paradigms. I followed along by watching videos and doing the occasional pset since my purpose for taking the course was to gain a deeper understanding of the language as taught by Odersky himself. Odersky is a clear and concise lecturer and even the fundamental functional programming lectures were a pleasure to watch. Weeks 4 and 5 were particularly interesting as they delved deeper into such topics as type parameters, polymorphism, and traversable comprehensions ...
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"Great intro to scala from the founder" by wilhelm-martin
As a computer scientist taking this course, it was not very hard, but nevertheless interesting. This course gives you an introduction to the scala programming language and, incidentially, about functional programming. If you already know about scala, you may not learn much new from this course (though it's always a little bit different to learn from the founder), otherwise this course may be exactly what you're looking for.
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